How to Make a Disneyland Visit More Relaxing

Every child dreams of a trip to Disneyland, but the crowds and excitement can become too much for many people. Everyone will enjoy their day even more if they know how to get a few quiet moments during their visit. A little serenity every couple of hours gives people time to recharge so they can fully appreciate what the park has to offer.

Choose Timing Carefully

Avoid any events that draw in large numbers of fans. The park advertises these events, so it is easy to know when to stay home. Look on the Disneyland website for their blockout calendar. These days are the busiest days of the year at the park when visitors cannot use their resident passes. Avoid the weeks before and after a major holiday, and consider making a visit in the fall rather than the winter when many tourists come into town to get away from the cold.

Look for Timesavers

Check out any available apps before entering the park that offers tips, discounts or other ways to save time and money. Learn about Fastpass to reserve seats at attractions and more, to avoid disappointment and long lines. Bring along snacks and water to prevent waiting in line for these items. Sunblock, sunglasses and hats will also make the day more comfortable. Buy special Disney-themed items before leaving home, so kids will not need to visit as many gift shops.

Learn the Map

Learn the layout and plan the day beforehand, so there is a quiet place to relax after a couple of rides or other adventurous activities. Disney offers some rides like the It’s a Small World ride, that helps to quiet things down. The Enchanted Tiki Room is also a restful place, but there are other locations that do not require waiting to enjoy. Tinkerbell’s Pixie Hollow includes a waterfall, pond and other alluring and serene sights that are a part of the scenery that people can walk around and enjoy.

Adults and children will appreciate their visit even more if they have a few moments to wind down throughout the day. Discover the calmer locations to include on a Disneyland itinerary that will make for a more memorable experience. Visit to learn more.

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